Mistress Olivia-NYC

~Dungeon and Contact Information~

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                                                                   Contact: MistressOliviaNY@aol.com

                                                My Private Chamber of Tease & Torment

I maintain a large, completely private studio space dedicated to the Art of BDSM, which I fondly refer to as My "Abusement Park." It is shared by NO ONE, as discretion is of the utmost importance for both My partners and Myself. Located in Midtown Manhattan, there is one very large room, a smaller room used for domestic and cross dressing scenes,  and a full bathroom with toiletries for your convenience. 

I am available for play with true submissives, masochists, fetishists, and kinksters, in that that order of preference. I do meet new people if our intrigues, interests and fascinations are compatible I greatly enjoy outings in nearby Central Park, Upscale Restaurants, Lounges, Hotels, etc. Discrete public play is a huge attraction for Me. There are occasions when less prudence is needed; for example, there are times when I will walk you on a leash in the park. 


My space is well equipped with a wide array of standard dungeon implements i.e. Whips, Paddles, Single and Double Canes, Heavy Baton Canes, Riding Crops, Tawses, Leather and Metal floggers, Rope, Cuffs, Chains, Spreader Bars, Nipple and CB Torture items, etc… Below I list some specific items that frequently arise as questions. This is not an all inclusive list, but rather one to provide some basic information. 

20 Point Custom Made Bondage Table with Stockade

14 Point Bondage Chair with 16 Piece Leather Strap Set

10 Point Bondage Frame 

Locking Human Cage with Multiple Bondage Points

Small, Large and XL Full Length Leather Body Bondage Bags

Inversion Suspension Device

Glory Hole Cubicle with 3 Holes

Full Size Bed with Shackles and Chains

CBT Table

Kali'sTeeth Padlock Chastity Device

M900 Extra Small Zinc-Alloy Locking Chastity Cage (1.5 inch ring)
M500 Stainless Steel Locking Chastity Cage (2 inch ring)

CB 2000 Locking Chastity Device

Prince's Wand


Cock and Ball Crusher, (Plexiglass)

Wooden Ball Crusher

Severe Stainless Steel Ball Crusher 

Cock and Ball Torture Table

Ball Stretchers, Ball and Chain Weights, etc

Straight jacket 

Full Enclosure PVC Body Bag (Zippers and Buckles)

Leather Arm Mittens

Full Sensory Deprivation Gear

Eros Tech Electro Stimulation Set

Complete Rupert Huse & Sons Violet Wand Set

Tens Units

Rimming Chair

Toilet Chair

QueeningThrone/Smother Box

Foot Worship Throne

Gas Masks, Rebreather Tubes, Rebreather Bottles, Rebreather Bag, Cum Dumpster Latex Hood, Pig Nose, Pig Mask, Dog Hood, Latex Human Face Mask & Hood, Complete Sensory Deprivation Leather Hood, Open Mouth, Open Eye, Open Nose Only Hoods in Latex, Leather and Nylon, 

2 Sizes Leather Open Mouth Binders,

Metal Open Mouth Spider Gag

Dildo Head Harnesses

Ash Tray Gag

Human Coffee Table Bondage and Objectification Apparatus

Human Serving Tray (with Optional Breast Torture)

Human Feather Duster, Toilet Brush etc...

Funnel Gag

Dildo Gags,

Penis Gags, 

Ball Gags, Bone Gag, Horse Bit Gag

Catheters, Rosebud Sound, Pratt Sound Set, Vibrating Sound, Vaginal/Anal Dilators, Young Foreceps, Proctoscope, Collins Speculum, Sims Speculum, Surgical Scissors, Scalpel, Stethoscope, Traditional Enema Bag Set, Enema Shower System, Enema Ball, Disposable Enemas, Thermometers, Patellar Hammar, Benwa Balls, Insertables, etc.

Head Harness (Equestrian and Canine Play) 

Plugged tail

Head Harness

Head harness with Nose Hooks

Mouth Bit



Riding Boots 

Riding Spurs

Dog Bones, Dog Bowls

Piercing Needles, 19, 20, 22, 25 gauge

Single, Triple Pinwheels

Double Trouble Pinwheel (Scott Paul) 

Extreme Finger Claws (Scott Paul)

Double Cat Claw

Full Cross Dressing Wardrobe and Accessories:

Breast Pump Enhancement System

Wigs (Approximately 15 different styles / colors)

Stiletto Pumps and Platform Shoes/Sandals/Boots

Catsuits, Slutty or Classy Clothing, Lingerie ~ Corsets, Garters, Stockings, Bra and Panty Sets, Jewelry, Makeup, Makeup Chair and Lighting, etc… 

Professional Makeup Expert Available by Appointment

Baby Play:  

Pink and White Bondage High Chair with Head Restraint and Bondage Points, Autoblow Machine for Continuous Milking, Diapers, Pacifiers, Pacifier Gags, Bottles, Bibs, Ribbons and Bows, Bonnets, Sippy Cups, Retro Style Aprons for Mother, Play Materials: Crayons, Stuffed Toys, Baby Story Books, Rattles, etc…, Special Lullaby and Sissy Music, Baby Plates and Spoons, Baby Food, Full Sissy / Baby Accessories