Mistress Olivia-NYC

~About The Mistress~

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                                           Welcome ... I am Mistress Olivia.

My specific interests and pleasures are many and diverse; little pleases Me more however than a submissive who offers himself to Me in all completeness, trusting in My skill, intuition, and understanding to guide him through an erotic voyage that touches upon each level of his impulses. Transport to that surreal realm beyond which the woes of the mundane world vanish is what excites and thrills Me, as I watch My dominance gain momentum. Visual, verbal and visceral reactions to My workings ~ whether they stem from pleasure or pain, ecstasy or agony ~ are the penultimate rush of mental and physical gratification for Me. This is the nonpareil power exchange I seek as I, either gently or with force, take command and propel you through a voyage yet unknown, or comfortingly familiar. Control lies solely in My capable and experienced hands, where you have trustingly placed it. There it will remain intact, unless otherwise requested, of course...

I am a sensual Dominant by nature and enjoy both softer as well as hard core play. It is true that I thrive on passion, excitement and expanding boundaries. Watching you melt before Me, your limits slowly becoming a distant memory as My needs become your own stimulates and arouses Me the most. And as man know, I am endlessly excited by the unusual, the bizarre, the macabre and all that is taboo. But fear not ~ there is no need to worry that I am too extreme or that I will demand too much. These things are NOT mandatory for My enjoyment (or yours) 
and are NOT necessary components for a satisfying encounter.

I take great pleasure in very basic and traditional BDSM activities such as bondage, OTK spanking, leather, establishing Mistress/slave protocol, formal discipline and corporal punishment. I am also extremely fond of lavish meetings where I am indulged, pampered, spoiled, massaged and worshipped ~ I am the Queen, the Goddess, the Domina, the Mother and you but the humble servant. Enjoying your simple yet elegant submission can be one of life's greatest pleasures, especially when my FEET are involved. 

I am whimsical by nature and my fascinations constantly rotate and evolve. Additionally, I react to what you elicit from Me, so I dislike providing lists of favorite activities. I can enjoy almost any form of play when the right chemistry / connection are present. I will say the following : My current obsessions lie (in part) in areas of chastity and orgasm control / prolonged tease and denial; long term bondage / caging; FTT; smothering; objectification; CBT; foot/boot worship, SPH, cross-dressing and ALL forms of degradation, humiliation and "forced" activity. 

I enjoy role play and have decades of experience in this area, having performed since early childhood until the present across a variety of artistic mediums. From basic to the most extreme scenarios, absolutely no topic is beyond approach. Again,  I have vast exposure to the unusual both in and out of the BDSM scene and little shocks Me, so do not be hesitant in expressing your dirty little secrets. I know you have them.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of activities I enjoy, but may give you some sense of things that appeal to Me the most right now. Obviously there are more. Be strongly advised this does NOT include sexual favors or intimate contact of any sort. If this is what you seek, go elsewhere. 

Please note, I play safely and sanely at all times and the utmost care is given to hygiene and maintaining a clean and safe environment. Risks are not permitted in this area, ever. It is one reason I do not share my space with others.  

More information can be gleaned on the "Information" page, where I list some of the less common accoutrements found in my private chamber.